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[ ♪ theme ♪ ] >> stephanie: all right everybody settled? mama's home, everybody. who forgot to feed the newswoman? she's wasting away. what did i say? there's pot roast in the freezer. give her one popsicle if she's good. are you all right? >> i am. are you? >> did you recover from your pneumonia? >> ehh. >> stephanie: iron lusk. i thought i had to detach a retina over the holidays.
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i went to the dnc. i went somewhere else incredible and apparently i started dating jodie foster. who knew. and guess what i spent most of my vacation doing? roland i were doing face time with jacki schechner. >> that's adorable. >> it is great when you just rolled out of bed you're not wearing any makeup and we're putting this on twitter. >> stephanie: we both have our professional on air voices and then we have our tired late at night voices. here she is in the current news center with her professional voice, jacki schechner. >> good morning, everybody. president at going to spend the day in ohio today. he's got events in cincinnati and columbus. he's got a 7-point lead in the swing state. vice president biden and paul ryan both in iowa today. mitt romney is going to speak to the u.s. hispanic chamber of commerce here in l.a. both the president and the romney campaign have plans to shift their focus to the economy this week. romney's planned speech the u.s.
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hispanic chamber of commerce will talk about balancing the budget by eliminating nonessential federal programs and to cut down on federal employment through consolidation. he's promising to fix the imgreat lakes -- the immigration system with an emphasis on border control. >> trade has to work for america. that means crack down on cheaters like china and open up new markets. next, we have to balance the budget. cut the deficit. got to stop spending more money than we take in. >> speaking of china, the white house is asking the world trade organization today to stop china from putting unfair taxes on u.s.-made vehicles and in a second separate request stop china from financially undermining u.s. auto part exports. today is the one-year anniversary of the occupy wall street movement. protestors have already started to gather in the financial district. they are occupying dukeatti park the idea is to start in several
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locations in the area and converge on the stock exchange and form a human wall in protest. we're back with more steph after the break. stay with us. you're about to watch an ad message created by a current tv viewer for capella university. matter. >> i wouldn't be where i am today if it wasn't for capella university. i go to work every day and know that i make a difference. when patients leave this office they have hope in their eyes. it make me feel like i'm really doing what i was meant to do. they have given me the tools that i need to be the best "me" that i can be.
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[ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> announcer: ladies and gentlemen, it's "the stephanie miller show." >> announcer: i'm walkin' on sunshine. ♪ i'm walkin' on sunshine ♪ ♪ i'm walkin' on sunshine ♪ ♪ and it's time to feel good ♪ ♪ hey, all right now ♪ ♪ and it's time to feel good ♪ >> stephanie: back from vacation. why, hello everybody. mama's home. sporting a little martha's vineyard t-shirt. where else would you find a dog
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swimming in a martini glass? martha's vineyard. [ applause ] sexy liberal director roland and i. i had quite a vacation. >> apparently! >> stephanie: i was jim, at the dnc, we all were. i was on a bike trip. i was somewhere you're not going to believe. i'll tell you that story in a minute. apparently the twitter verse tells me i'm dating jodie foster. [ explosion ] the universe exploded. >> the twitter verse doesn't lie. >> stephanie: i will neither confirm nor deny that rumor. why? it is a fantastic rumor isn't it? >> you haven't been in the tabloids since you got in that fight -- >> stephanie: since i broke up bruce boxleitner and melissa gilbert. back in 1995. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: roland shows up on the bike trip, i hear you're dating jodie foster? really? i drank more at the dnc than i
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thought. >> she's the one who got us in a better hotel. we were first spotted at the grove three or four weeks ago. >> big shopping mall here in los angeles. >> stephanie: right, right, i knew that. >> when was the last time you were at the grove? [ applause ] >> i can't picture you at the grove. you don't deal with crowds well. >> stephanie: i could have been! we need this rumor! [ laughter ] someone wrote oh, good, jodie has finally saw an equal. i'm thinking if she saw that! [ screaming ] i'm an a-list oscar winner that, fart joke -- [ ♪ magic wand ♪ ] i don't know how to operate my own box i've been gone so long. [farting sounds] >> stephanie: i have a complaint letter from rocky mountain mike regarding the use of my sound effects box. which i don't travel with ever since that -- the incident in reno. >> shot a man just to watch him
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die? >> stephanie: no. >> we don't talk about it. >> stephanie: john fuglesang and my box. steph, although i love listening to john fuglesang when you're away he does not play with your box properly. sometimes he hits the right button and it is highly effective producing sounds that are pleasurable but more often than not, it seems he's searching in vain for a button. result in an undesirable sound. i think we're all concerned that if someone uses your -- be abuses your box it will ruin it for the rest of us. [ applause ] >> stephanie: rocky mountain mike. >> i'm sure no one has abused your box in quite awhile. >> stephanie: how dare you say an awful thing about jodie foster. that brings all of the the girls to the yard. >> turn her on like you wouldn't believe. >> she loves her in that.
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[ laughter ] >> stephanie: oh, my goodness. >> did you bring your box to martha's vineyard? >> stephanie: i told you i'm not allowed to travel with the box. >> no wonder your box doesn't see any action. >> stephanie: i'm very concerned about our newswoman jacki schechner who apparently nobody said while -- nobody fed while we were gone. i said feed the news pat please. concerns about jacki. >> feed and water her! >> stephanie: she's like a hothouse orchid. >> she's like a chia pet. >> ch-ch-ch-chia. >> stephanie: this is regarding jacki's box now. good lord. have you all no compassion for us crazy ocd folks your audience. she has pneumonia and orange circles in her box? is there penicillin strong enough? >> did they add more graphics? >> stephanie: i don't know. i can't see her box when i'm here. i'm in my own little box.
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>> there's a lot of box on this show. >> johan christoph. >> composers. >> stephanie: twitter verse exploded to air the sexy liberal document ray on friday night. i didn't watch it, why? >> because you don't like to watch yourself. i was told it was fabulous. >> i haven't seen it either. >> stephanie: apparently facebook exploded. >> no wonder the country is clamoring for stephanie. no wonder i'm dating jodie foster. it must have been -- right? >> i have a feeling that's the sort of thick that they'll run like over and over again on christmas day when they have no programming. >> stephanie: it will be a block. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: our own dock block. sexy liberal documentary. >> they'll rerun it on weekends like msnbc. >> stephanie: win rosen feld put it together and i'm told did
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a fabulous job. i'm told it is wonderful. >> i need to watch it. >> stephanie: okay. do you want to know where i spent last night? >> i have an idea because i saw a picture tweeted up by roland. jodie foster's hotel? >> stephanie: no! let's drop that rumor and move on. okay. i don't want to screw this up because it was a thing of a lifetime. jim, this will made your head explode. [ explosion ] we spent the night at the kennedy compound and roland and i woke up the next day did we play banana gram with ethel kennedy last night or did you slip me a roofy. >> play what? >> stephanie: she's the most awesome woman in the world. remember caroline kennedy was at the dnc. i'm going to be on a bike trip. oh, knock on ethel's door. they're what you would imagine them to be, that's what they're like. oh, ethel would love to have you. i was like huh? all right chris jim stop it
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with that impression. [ laughter ] jim, stop with the bobby kennedy jr. already. so we had -- i don't even know how to explain the story. it was hilarious. >> is she a fan of the show? >> stephanie: she's 84. so smart. so with it. she reminded me of one of the nuns in my grade school because we were terrified our words weren't long enough this banana grams. >> what is banana grams? >> stephanie: it is a word game. you have not played words with friends unless you've played with ethel kennedy. >> i'm trying to wrap my brain around it. >> stephanie: little pieces of scrabble things. >> why didn't you just play scrabble? >> stephanie: it is the game of the kennedy compound. >> we do not play scrabble here! >> stephanie: they don't play scrabble. >> they play banana grans. >> we always have and always will! >> stephanie: it was so
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surreal. i'm having a hard time talking about it. we couldn't believe it was happening. >> awesome. >> stephanie: yeah. literally, i got a call on my cell. this is ethel kennedy's private secretary. we would like to pick you up at the airport. i was look okay. i was like okay. then it was -- she is so warm and sharp and funny. she knew everything about my dad. how old were you when he was at turn intoberg, he was -- in nurnberg, he was such a kind, good man. he worked with bobby. >> how old were you? >> i was not born yet. >> that's what i thought. >> stephanie: so then ethel goes to play golf and roland and i were home alone at the kennedy compound. >> did you rifle through the medicine cabinet? >> we're bouncing on the trampoline, running around the beach. it was incredible. we saw the house where the president used to stay. we were just overwhelmed the whole time. and they're so warm and you know
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what's weird, i was actually telling her someone called -- remember the week before we left and said the difference between them and the romneys we don't begrudge success. the kennedys are wealthy. but we have the feeling that they cared about people that aren't. they really do. all of them have devoted their life to all of this, to helping other people and they don't have to. it is incredible. >> romney has devoted his life to helping himself at the expense of others. >> romneys devote their lives to themselves. >> stephanie: i was thinking of jim. oh, my god walking on the beach. where jacki walked. >> i would never stop talking like this. it would be impossible for me to not talk like that if i was there. get out now. >> stephanie: roland -- i was terrified my words were not big enough in banana gram. he started words. what? he starts yelling at me on the way back. oh please, you had words like
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poo! i was terrified. i had a little wine. i don't know how to play. she's kicking my ass at this game. i don't even know what it is. i don't know. but hearing ethel kennedy yell banana gram -- >> was it a combination of scrabble and yahtzee. it sounds like a combination of scrabble and yahtzee and uno! >> stephanie: she comes behind and checks to make sure you didn't cheat. see how big your words are. >> with a ruler like catholic school. >> stephanie: anyway. so we're going to post pictures from our trip. roland's -- i had to veto a bunch of them because -- >> looking a little rough? >> stephanie: ooh ridden hard, put up wet. >> jodie foster will do that to you. [ buzzer ] [ laughter ] >> stephanie: the new thing will be jodie foster and i were at the kennedy compound playing
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banana grams. it will be like the telephone at the end of the day. oh and then she has the most adorable dog in the world. named -- let's see. heffy. roland kept calling him heavennizer. the dog treats you better when you're with a kennedy. later, it was eh. so that was really -- it was like the time of a lifetime. it was really incredible. so there you go. there you go. what i did on my summer vacation by stephanie miller. [ applause ] the end. so wow! lots to get to. by the way while we were gone, mitt romney starting world war iii. any way to get the election early so we can get this doofus off the world stage before he kills us all? >> even the right wing was slamming him.
6:18 am
what are you doing? >> stephanie: yes. exactly. peggy drank an extra box of chardonnay. the worst candidate ever! >> politico has a great story about the cause of all of this. >> stephanie: oh. look at you. you went to team school. >> i certainly did. >> ann cowlton said i told you so. >> stephanie: i'll tell you what other a-list star i'm dating after the break. >> what? >> that was clunky. >> stephanie: my teases are [ bleep ] i never deliver. jim knows. >> that's why i'm still here. i keep falling for it. >> stephanie: he can be bought for a couple of cheap feels in the elevator. right back on "the stephanie miller show". >> it would never occur to me to think of myself as anything other than a reporter. >> announcer: it's "the stephanie miller show."
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>> announcer: stephanie miller . >> stephanie: mm-hmm, okay, all right, we're trying to compete with florida, aren't we. >> yeah, yeah. >> stephanie: this is just in. >> a pair of lungs were found on ♪ ♪ i'm gonna buy you all kinds of candy, that's what i'm gonna do ♪ [ whatever! ] >> stephanie: yes, jim is a lumberjack and he's okay. >> that's what kelby over at current said. >> you were so rugged! >> stephanie: i don't give anyone any credit. i thought of that. >> okay, i'm sorry. >> stephanie: 23 minutes after the hour. rude pundit coming up after the bottom of the hour.
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wow, where do we even start about what's been happening in the last week. it is mitt romney's party. ♪ it's my party and i'll lie if i want to ♪ ♪ lie if i want to, lie if i want to ♪ ♪ you would lie to if you hadn't done ♪ ♪ nobody knows where my spanish has gone ♪ ♪ why must we spend our energy lying ♪ ♪ it's my party and i'll lie if i want to, lie if i want to ♪ ♪ you would lie to if you hadn't a clue ♪ [ applause ] >> stephanie: oh, rocky mountain mike. david in virginia on mittens. hey, dave. >> caller: good morning. great to have you back, mama.
6:24 am
>> stephanie: thank you baby, me too. >> caller: the reason i'm calling, i got another romney out-of-touch moment for you. because there are so many of them, you know. >> stephanie: right. >> caller: i was interviewed by stephanopoulos. he said he was going to cut taxes for the middle class and -- >> stephanie: the middle class is who david? >> caller: exactly. according to romney, the middle class encompasses those making $250,000 a year. >> caller: i'm like on what planet is that middle class? i would like to know. >> median income in america is $51,000. >> stephanie: i was finding the actual -- >> and median means middle. >> stephanie: means middle. >> that's what it means. >> stephanie: wow, in mitt romney's world middle class is $250 a year. >> i'm unemployed. i live o with my mom. we make about $40,000 a year right now. who is he talking about? i want to meet these middle class people. >> stephanie: i need to meet a better class of middle class
6:25 am
people. dear god. where do you even start? top romney advisor faults obama for the murder of u.s. ambassador. really? is this a campaign in free fall? >> also kidnapped the lindbergh baby. >> stephanie: he doubled down on his ridiculous comments. the first comment wasn't from the administration. it was from the embassy there. he just -- it is unbelievable. i don't even know what to say. >> coming up in right-wing world, everybody pretty much blames obama for the troubles in libya and the middle east. >> stephanie: yes because he shot the stupid video. >> by the way, there is a conspiracy snausage. >> stephanie: if romney was president, that wouldn't have happened. >> that it was partially funded by atlas jugs. [ ♪ dramatic ♪ ] >> that's just a rumor. not reporting it as fact. >> there's something very -- >> stephanie: the fact that i'm dating jodie foster.
6:26 am
>> okay. we report. you decide. but the thing is movies, the owning thing slamming mohammed came in a voice-over tacked on later. >> stephanie: he'll take any voice-over to get out of here early. i voiced what? all of the people involved in it said we had no idea what this was. >> one of the actresses said i didn't say that. it was dubbed by someone else after i left the production. >> yeah. >> stephanie: it was described as a bunch of drunk people trying to do a "saturday night live" sketch. this is causing what it's causing around the muslim world. >> stephanie: it is not caused by obama administration policies. some stupid video that apparently mitt romney could have magically stopped in some way if he were president. >> it was from the director of the happy hooker goes to hollywood. >> stephanie: he did porn before this. >> there were two porn stars in the movie. >> wow. >> stephanie: little soft core porn in the sexy liberal documentary. thanks so much for watching it. current will be re-airing it. you can see that live in seattle
6:27 am
up next in two weeks. mama's big birthday show. >> announcer: seattle, washington, are you tired of the negative campaigning? the answer is coming straight to you. shake it off with laughs. on saturday, september 29th, the paramount theatre will welcome john frugal sang, stephanie miller and hal sparks. tickets are online or by calling. that's the stephanie miller sexy liberal comedy tour. seattle, this is your last chance before the election to experience pure progressive nirvana. >> yeah. thank you, rocky mountain mike. oh, that was shane. my bad. let's go to jim in jersey. welcome. >> caller: good morning. how are you? >> stephanie: good. go ahead. >> caller: i just realized this morning that john kerry and mitt romney have a few things in common that i would like to share. >> stephanie: okay. >> caller: two things that really jump out at me. that was the people may not know this but they were both vietnam
6:28 am
protestors. >> stephanie: yes. >> caller: there was a little difference between how and when they protested. john kerry, everyone is aware is a very decorated vietnam combat veteran. he decided to protest after he came back from serving his nation. >> stephanie: yep. >> caller: but -- >> stephanie: else -- >> caller: he protested to go to war and sent his classmates to war. >> stephanie: not him. rude pundit makes this point. he said can you imagine if a democrat had decided to -- was for the war but decided to hang out in france for the vietnam war? it is incredible. more has not been made of that. 29 minutes after the hour. rude pundit next on "the stephanie miller show."
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(vo) jennifer granholm ... >>for every discouraged voter, there are ten angry ones taking action. trickle down does not work. in romney's world, cars get the elevator and the workers get the shaft. that is a whole bunch of bunk. the powerful may steal an election, but they can't steal democracy.
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gaeme inc. thank
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gaemezilinsky, thank you for joining [ ♪ music ♪ ] >> we really should have spaced-out your vaccinations. [ laughter ] >> uh-oh. are you okay over there? >> stephanie: what? it is "the stephanie miller show." >> playing banana gram? candyland or whatever you were playing at the kennedy compound. >> stephanie: it is the -- >> mandyland. >> stephanie: 34 minutes after the hour. 1-800-steph-12. my goodness, it's monday. >> the rude pundit. >> we haven't talked to in weeks. ♪ >> stephanie: good morning papa. >> good morning.
6:34 am
i don't know what's going on there. i'm listening to you hearing about you and jodie foster and a banana at the kennedy compound. >> stephanie: see how this is working delightfully for me already. didn't spread the rumors. rudeness, you know i heard other people say this but not the way you do so rudely. romney hooks himself off the stage. a lot of people say there's that moment in every campaign, as you were saying it is hard to pick with romney. there's been so many career-ending moments this campaign thus far. >> every time it seems like he opens his mouth now he can't but help it. there's the inability to give any specificity to his economic policy. there's his inability to answer for what would actually happen with medicare and medicaid under his plan. it's a disaster. >> stephanie: yeah. his whole campaign at this point seems to be obama bad and also black. >> yeah, pretty much. >> stephanie: in every campaign, you know there is a moment when it is all over.
6:35 am
john mccain when he chose sarah palin. for mitt romney, there have been so many, it is hard to determine which one is the hook. romney lived in a castle in france during the vietnam war which would have eliminated him from being a -- can you imagine what the right wing would do if a democrat had got a draft deferment to hang out in france! >> in a castle fighting the good fight i haven't trying to convert the french to marmennism -- to mormonism. >> and stop drinking wine. >> stephanie: that's like trying to get me to stop drinking wine. you say the rude pundit has long believed, this is high happy clappy part, not only would obama win but win by a big margin as much as in 2008 or more. that's awfully landslidey for several reasons primarily the primary one being no matter what he tries to do, mitt romney is an absolute [ bleep ] head.
6:36 am
that sums it all up. >> i always do. not to toot my own horn but i'll do that later. >> stephanie: right. hello. >> i had no idea you were from nantucket. >> so, no. but you had to know just looking, once people got a look at mitt romney and started paying attention, that most of these independents and -- i would imagine a number of democrats who were leaning away from obama would look at romney and go oh, no, no, no. i don't want to throw in with that. no no. that's like -- the d-bag football captain who likes to abuse the nerds. it is no. >> stephanie: wow. i was in nantucket. that's where the bike trip started. >> you rode your bike from nantucket to martha's vineyard? >> no. kathleen kennedy warned me about that. >> there's water there. >> how many limericks did you
6:37 am
guys make up? >> everything they asked us that we wanted to do, we said [ bleep ] it. we're in than skit. roland -- people are either blonde or really, really blonde. i said that's what passes for diversity. >> stephanie miller rode a bucket in nantucket. she found a banana -- >> the blonde leading the blonde. >> stephanie: you say though, this whole -- you know, u.s. embassy thing and what's happening in the arab world you say he demonstrated for all to see why he should not be president you about he has no business in politics. what can you say about this? as jim said, even the right wing were going oh, my god. then he doubles down on it. >> right. at least give it some space. this breathing room for the story to actually come out on what exactly is going on. it just showed -- i mean that ability to -- that inability to wait, to just try to take political advantage at the
6:38 am
minute he sees it, it just shows that -- he flongs the 3:00 a.m. phone -- he flunks the 3:00 a.m. phone call. >> stephanie: that one picture -- he has such a bad sense of politics. he's walking away from the podium with this smirk on his face like he scored points. >> oh, yes. that nailed it look. >> stephanie: yeah. >> it's repellant. i think that's what's going on is more and more people are seeing not only is he -- incompetent with terrible plans for the country but that he's just such a -- i don't think i can use the word. >> stephanie: economically, he's a disaster in terms of -- literally, i believe somebody did the math on it. his tax cuts, they're four times what bush's were. but then you look at the world stage and you think oh, my god this guy would start world war iii. >> that's the thing is like -- first of all i think that somebody -- they ran the
6:39 am
numbers. he could close pretty much every loophole on people making more than $250,000 a year. and it still wouldn't pay for the tax cut. and this is not to mention that there's other tax cuts he wants to do, also. we're not even talking about the elimination of the the capital gains tax and other things. and then on top of that, this seeming -- owe basance to netanyahu as to what's going on in the iran. it would be the stupidest mistake. >> stephanie: i wanted to jump in my tv and throttle david gregory as usual. did you see that? he just kept asking netanyahu the same question over and over again. did the administration throw israel under the bus? what are you reading romney campaign talking points over and over? he kept trying to goad him didn't he? >> maybe he just needed that tv moment. i don't know. >> stephanie: well exactly. the bottom line is romney's
6:40 am
policy is exactly the same as obama's. >> yeah. it is just -- you know, romney -- romney uses a-hole language to present it and obama uses diplomatic language to do it. >> stephanie: let's go back to your stuff on the embassy. a perfect example as the president said someone who shoots first and then aims later. literally, he doesn't know that ambassador -- people have been killed. he blames the administration for sympathizing with the people that did it when the administration didn't say -- and as you say, it was a -- excuse me, a statement from the embassy itself. so let's get this straight. mitt romney believes at that moment with their lives on the line, the u embassy employees in the building should have said something to piss off the protestors even further. >> yeah. or i guess they shouldn't have said anything. they didn't know what was going on. they were under attack. they released a statement just saying yo, yo, we don't like that movie either. which by the way that movie
6:41 am
have you watched it? >> stephanie: i've seen a clip. >> yeah, well, you know, it looks to me like somebody edited together -- and this is my conspiracy theory on it, somebody edited together all of the nonporn parts of a porn film plopped in the word mohammed every now and then. >> oh, my god. >> stephanie: part where they say is that the doorbell? is that the pizza guy? and in comes mohammed. >> i didn't order any falafels. >> stephanie: sausage? who ordered sausage? incredible this is causing what it is in the middle east. again, you can't make the point enough this is not in response to obama administration policies. >> well, okay. now i'm going to go off the happy clappy for a moment. >> stephanie: oh, we're out of time. >> stop it. let him go. >> stephanie: go ahead! >> if you got drone strikes going on, that's not going on in egypt. but you know, if there are drone
6:42 am
strikes going on constantly and then to go back further not just blame obama but you know, and if there's been these wars that have gone on there -- >> stephanie: this was in response -- but this was planned for the september 11th anniversary, correct? >> right. well the thing that happened in libya was definitely. that was a coordinated effort to mark the anniversary. which, you know, i mean some chocolates would have been nice. >> stephanie: oh, boy. [ buzzer ] but as you close your piece now remind us all what's romney's foreign policy credentials? cayman island shell corporations? his incompetence on the world stage has been quite stunning starting with his england trip, right? >> that's the thing. he's not running against senator obama. who, by the way again still had more electoral experience than romney and far more foreign policy credentials than romney. but he's running against a president who's been dealing
6:43 am
with this now for four years. and if he's not bringing anything to the game, then why should we even care that he's playing? >> stephanie: by the way -- [ ♪ "world news tonight" ♪ ] in happy clappy news, ending on happy clappy news, after the two political conventions obviously obama is leading in three of the most important battleground states according to the new msnbc poll. obama ahead by 5 points. in ohio, he's ahead by 7. in gallup, he's ahead what is it? 5. i was surprised actually because you're not usually my happy clappy friend. i feel like larry the landslide lizard could be stretching. >> i totally think so. it is also seeming like there is a chance that this obama bounce is actually pulling up some of the democratic candidates. elizabeth warren is firmly in the lead. >> stephanie: thank you! you know, rude, i always get accused of being too happy clappy. that's what i've been saying. i feel this could be a wave. i don't want to get ahead of myself on it.
6:44 am
i've said over and over, you've gotta give him a congress he can work with it. the least popular congress -- this republican congress has a 10 first approval rate -- has a 10% approval rating. >> people hate congress so much. but i do think there is a chance that this rising shift could lift all boats. >> stephanie: i was thinking, rude, we were obviously at the dnc. we were thinking is it just because we're here this seems a billion times better than the rnc. no, we were not just caught up in it. >> every time romney speaks, you feel like throwing up. >> stephanie: rupert murdoch tweeted about how great the dnc was and how great bill clinton and michelle obama were. [ scooby-doo's "huh?" ] what's going on? >> they even -- they wanted chris christie to be their bill clinton essentially. and christie just came out there with this mess nary speech of -- this mercenary speech of i'm
6:45 am
setting myself up for 2016. >> stephanie: by the way when a chris christie speech flops in the forest -- that makes a sound! you know what i'm saying? >> other countries hear it. >> if you need a belt of a ryan to keep your pants up, it is time to lay off the cheez whiz. >> jim! >> stephanie: see you next week honey. [ applause ] yea! 46 minutes after the hour. right back on "the stephanie miller show." >> so i guess that makes our naughty parts tingle. >> announcer: it's "the stephanie miller show." anybody? anybody? what time is it? oh, right. go time! only on current tv.
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you'll know you're a part of something bigger. for healthy tips and more, visit (vo) always outspoken, now unleashed, joy behar. >> on my next show, the panel and i will try to find the humor in today's political climate. think we'll have far to look? [ ♪ music ♪ ] ♪ hit it ♪ ♪ hit it ♪
6:50 am
>> stephanie miller. ♪ workin' up a sweat ♪ ♪ come on, girl ♪ ♪ ah, push it, push it real good ♪ >> stephanie: it is the "the stephanie miller show." we're kind of frisky and happy to be back from vacation. kind of geeks we are. >> i haven't screwed up yet. >> stephanie: right. my god. he hasn't mentioned hitler yet. jim, hello. are you awake? 51 minutes after the hour. 1-800-steph-12 the phone number toll free from anywhere. the people that we don't pay never go on vacation. audra and tracy. they put together -- well, the unfortunate pashmina incident of 2012 as we call it where i was photographed in a wrinkly green pashmina and the one time i will ever meet cher. i'm sorry. ♪ what up, mama ♪ ♪ i hate to break it to you girl but the pashmina thing just
6:51 am
won't die ♪ ♪ steffey wear them well ♪ ♪ everyone can tell ♪ ♪ you got it going on ♪ ♪ that's why i'm writing this song ♪ ♪ even though others say it's wrong ♪ ♪ stand up when mama is tall and strong ♪ ♪ stand up tall and strong ♪ ♪ mama, where's another pashmina mina, mina, another pashmina mina, mina, ♪ ♪ long live the pashmina -- mina ♪ ♪ mama loves the pashmina, eh ♪ ♪ ♪ you all understand fashion ♪ ♪ nobody can put on a pashmina like steph ♪ >> stephanie: you don't understand fashion. throw on a baseball cap.
6:52 am
see, i'm ahead of my time. check out my uggs. i wear them every day. >> some writer for vogue says they're just -- >> stephanie: i'm a good five to ten minutes ahead of my time. >> just as fashionable as high heels. really? i'll show you a picture of the guy who wrote that. >> stephanie: okay. sara in colorado. good morning sara. >> caller: good morning, how are you? >> stephanie: good. go ahead. >> caller: i have a couple of comments and i hope you have time for me. >> stephanie: okay. >> caller: number one i'm so -- i told your screener -- let me stick to that. that would only be fair. i think president obama is supposed to protect our country. true or false? he was awol when this thing took place and it has nothing to do with the film. because you guys -- >> stephanie: it has nothing to do with the film? >> not a thing. it was coordinated for 9-11. you guys are on -- my second
6:53 am
part is -- you mentioned -- >> stephanie: let me have a sip of my kool-aid. >> caller: the kennedy men were all three womanizers. we've never heard that. >> stephanie: oh, look what happened to you. your phone somehow went awry. >> why should he be president because he's not a womanizer. >> stephanie: she has a better understanding of what's happening across the arab world. >> because she listens to hannity. >> stephanie: nothing to do with it. so enraged by that muslim obama. oh wait a minute. i sense a logical flaw. >> stephanie: hang on. okay. >> hey. >> stephanie: it was all about getting a gratuitous shot into the camera. are you feeling better now? good. [ applause ] let's go to --
6:54 am
>> hi, mama. how are you doing? >> stephanie: good. >> caller: two comments. >> stephanie: that happened in the voterrer summit. >> caller: the comment about smart people will never vote. >> stephanie: that's not the part you're not supposed to say out loud. [ wah wah ] >> smart people think they're so smart. >> stephanie: actually he said -- something of what our -- supporter is based on family and the church. >> stephanie: mary in chicago. hi mar.
6:55 am
>> caller: hi. i just had a comment. you called romney a doofus. >> stephanie: yes. >> caller: okay. well you know what? why don't you look in the white house and see who the big doofus is there. >> stephanie: i know you are but what am i? >> fly to vegas. let them fight amongst themselves. >> stephanie: why did george bush send us to the middle east? >> why don't you ask him? >> we would love to. he won't return our calls. >> stephanie: i'm trying to phone. i know you are but what am i? >> hi, i'm mary. >> stephanie: that was odd. >> he's a doofus. obama's a doofus. >> stephanie: let me finish smoking this road flare for a second. look in the white house. that's where the doofus is. >> nannien intony boo-boo stick your head in doo doo.
6:56 am
>> stephanie: rick santorum was right. [ laughter ] >> smart people -- never going to vote for us. >> stephanie: all right. travis, get george bush on the phone. >> yeah, travis, why haven't you booked george bush yet? >> why don't you ask him? >> stephanie: what was that about? i don't even understand. okay. all right. well i'm just saying george bush sent us in there unnecessarily in the first place. he's a doofus, mary. >> the quality of right wing -- >> i'm trying to use the phone! >> only in a much lower tone. i'm trying to use the phone. why don't you call george bush. you americans --
6:57 am
>> stephanie: miss this little show. mark in florida. you're on the "the stephanie miller show." hi mark. >> caller: hey, love you guys. what i want to talk about was yesterday, you know, wanted to torture myself some more and go through the sunday morning shows and i stumbled on to george stephanopoulos this week and who is on the power panel but liz cheney. absolutely. and you know she's losing every argument. after that, she has to pull out the $16 trillion deficit card. bash obama over the head with it. i wish someone on the power panel would have asked her liz didn't your father in 2002 say deficits don't matter? >> stephanie: yeah. i have a lovely little tidbit about the deficit coming up. we'll talk to jacki about it. also, eric boehlert after the top of the hour next on "the stephanie miller show." they don't grow the number of private sector jobs.
6:58 am
i'm going to be on with the governor tomorrow night. she is awesome. we'll be right back on the "stephanie miller show." rrenttv
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♪ r bff -- >> yes? >> stephanie: i know you are a strong woman that somehow -- ann romney yelling i love women. >> it was hard to resist. >> stephanie: this may get you on board with the romney campaign. ann romney tweeted mitt romney is a man who will work harder than anyone so we can work a little less hard. >> no! >> what? >> stephanie: what does that mean? i don't even understand what that means. >> who's we? >> everyone's going to lose their job i guess.
7:57 am
>> since they're all going to china. >> ann romney thinks all women don't want to work like she wants to work? >> stephanie: something. she paid someone to tweet that. that's the important thing. >> she's been working hard at sentence construct apparently. >> stephanie: here she is in the current news center, bff jacki schechner. >> good morning, everybody. it is the one-year anniversary of occupy wall street as we mentioned earlier and groups of protestors are gathering in the financial district in downtown new york city. marches and rallies are planned for more than 30 cities around the world to celebrate the birth of the movement. ap reports about a dozen people have been arrested in new york for sitting on the sidewalk near the new york stock exchange. >> no sign yet of the planned human wall. supporters are using the hash tag s as in september 17, s17 on twitter to spread information and updates. we're seeing more protests in the middle east today. possibly fueled by anger over the anti-muslim film.
7:58 am
hundreds of protestors torched a press club and a government building in northwest pakistan and 40 students have been arrested in the second day of clashes with authorities in karachi. violence between angry demonstrators and authorities outside a u.s. military base in kabul, afghanistan, has slightly injured more than 20 police officers. we're seeing clashes in indonesia at the same time peaceful protests in the west bank as palestinians there demonstrate around the film or their protest around the film. in shifting a bit to political news here at home, let's take a look at the senate race in massachusetts where elizabeth warren is gaining and even taking the lead against senator scott brown in some polls. one out today by western new england polling institute has her up 6 points. another has her up by 2. "huffington post" took a look at more polls and lumped them together. sees the race tied at 46 apiece. the two will have their first debate this week and we'll see how that shakes out. we're back with more steph after the break. stay with us.
7:59 am
you're about to watch an ad message created by a current tv viewer for capella university. matter. >> i work with adults with developmental disabilities. growing up i had a single mother of four and people in the community were so helpful when they didn't even have much themselves. seeing people and their hardships made me want to make a difference in people's lives to give them hope. receiving a masters degree would open the doors for me to get into a management position where i would be able to do more for people.
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[ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> announcer: ladies and gentlemen, it's "the stephanie miller show." ♪ i'm walkin' on sunshine ♪ ♪ i'm walkin' on sunshine ♪ ♪ and it's time to feel good ♪ ♪ hey, all right now ♪ ♪ and it's time to feel good ♪ >> stephanie: it is "the stephanie miller show." welcome to it. 6 minutes after the hour. 1-800-steph-12 the phone number toll free from anywhere. stephanie the sexy liberal web site. the corresponding books. don't forget that. well, and the twitter verse on
8:03 am
facebook exploded over the weekend. [ explosion ] with the news that i'm apparently dating jodie foster. [ scooby-doo's "huh?" ] which i'll neither confirm nor deny because i need publicity. >> stephanie: we were spotted at the dnc and then the grove a few weeks before that. shh. >> you spent most of the -- dnc in your jammies. >> stephanie: well i could have been with jodie foster watching nell. >> because i'm sure she loves watcher herself as much as you love watching yourself. >> stephanie: i got many love letters on the sexy sexy liberal documentary. i didn't watch it. why? >> because you're not a fan of yourself. >> no. i'm not. >> i am not one of your fans! >> stephanie: julie in seattle writes mama, i saw sexy liberal on current. they did a great job putting it together. wynn rosenfeld, thank you. loved seeing with you max and fred in the documentary.
8:04 am
>> was aisha in this one too? awesome. tour of your glorious wall of career mementoes. in my office at home. >> there's footage from your home? >> stephanie: oh yes. >> you let them into the inner sanctum? >> wow! >> stephanie: behind the scenes. me feeling up john and hal backstage. it was an inspiration seeing all of the nice people you see get through the bush years. some encouragement for gay people living out in the heartland. piling on facts. last to make it go down easier, you kids do the lord's work. thank you. [ applause ] roland had pages of facebook response. emmy, someone smells emmy. lindsey says emmy for steph john, hal and aisha. watching it for the third time. it is going to re-air. check they're going to be re-airing it. we'll find out if they'll sell it down the road somewhere because people who don't have current will see it.
8:05 am
>> you might be able to get an emmy to put next to jodie foster's oscar on the mantle. >> stephanie: an oscar case where we currently have jodie's oscars. and maybe a grammy for the album. >> could be. >> stephanie: whoever wrote on the twitter thing you know what? i might not be a fart joke comedian in another few weeks friends. phyllis writes -- >> what does she do, this woman you seek? >> stephanie: phyllis says the show was great. can't wait to see you live. >> stephanie: phyllis. seattle, big birthday show, september 29th, two weeks. seattle almost sold out. sexy liberal pa palooza october 27th at the beacon theatre in washing city. >> there's -- in new york city. there's wind on the social media there might be another show. >> stephanie: oh, shh. >> well, i saw it yesterday. >> stephanie: the media is notoriously unreliable.
8:06 am
>> i think this came from sexy liberal on twitter. >> everyone knows i'm dating beyonce and not jodie foster. >> all the single ladies. >> stephanie: okay. speaking of love. you know what, this is what i think in the documentary. the show is not about us. it is about the sexy liberals. it is an amazing community. i need more love music. >> oh, all right. >> stephanie: this just happened today. samantha in seattle steph i saw you last year in seattle with my sister and her husband. the whole night was a memorable experience. way back in march i snatched up five tickets for when the big birthday show comes. as a state worker suffering my third consecutive pay cut seattle weekend was my only vacation. after an agonizing summer, my sister and i reluctantly concede we're not going to be able to make it. our dad wag diagnosed with stage four cancer. none of us would feel comfortable being away. he's a lifelong democrat. i've been alongside him throughout his battle.
8:07 am
he put others before himself working to make things better for those around him. he told me when skid him if he was listen, i wish i could listen all day. in honor of my dad's generosity, political courage, i want to donate our five tickets for people who would not have the opportunity to go so i hooked her up with roland and we're benefitting gilda's club in seattle. so samantha wrote back and said i know they've devoted proceeds to a wide array of worthy causes. i find it serendipitous it benefits cancer patients and their families. please direct them to gilda's club volunteers. we're giving them to staff members at gilda's club. what an amazing organization so fitting that steph performs in gilda's honor. i would not compare myself to gilda radner. thank you roland, thank you steph. rock the house. [ applause ] let's all send them sexy liberal love and prayers. for her and her daddy. anyway that's what made me cry
8:08 am
today. meanwhile, this -- can i just say it. can i do a little love shout out to t-bone? our associate producer and phone screener, rocks my world. he not only kept the show running last week, he house sat my house and my dogs who appear to like him better than me now. [ applause ] very happy when i got back and not depressed like they normally are. >> maybe he overfed them treats. maybe that's how he won their favor. >> stephanie: listen, there was lots of beer and boy things in the house. i don't want to know what happened. >> checking the ceilings for condoms. he cleaned up. everything is fine. >> you said there was vodka in the freezer? >> stephanie: a lot of beer. i don't really drink beer. a lot of boy things. >> vodka is not really a boy thing. >> stephanie: i don't know what happened while i was gone. i don't care. the house is fine. the dogs are fine. my dogs need constant attention
8:09 am
or else they will act out. that's why we posted -- >> someone in a leather hood down in the basement. what's going on? >> stephanie: i remember there being a gimp in the basement when i left. anyway, mary beth sent us these -- posted it on our facebook page. they're hilarious. my bug bugaboo is people who leave the stupid pass aggressive notes to dog pooh on the hiking trail. >> you're breaking the law. >> stephanie: thereby adding more litter to the person that left anyway. this is listener comedy. dog poop notes you'll love. a new web site. where people have their dog and a note. >> it has been around for about six months. this one posted. i eat frogs and then jump in mom's lap to puke them up. she screams because they're still moving. i'm a frog eating jerk. this one when you found me, i showed my gratitude by
8:10 am
unleashing gallons of diarrhea all over your car. i'm a douche. okay. this one's a poodle of some sort i body check my mommy's door. if i'm in, i do it until she lets me out. i'm an irritating little [ bleep ] and i'm not even sorry. this one is my favorite. dachshund next to a baby. when no one is looking i hump the baby. >> this one, some sort of terrier. i ignore my dog walker at the beach and hang out with naked old men so she has to unleash me and see he would men's junk. >> i pede on my owner's leg at dog obedience class. [ applause ] >> stephanie: yes? >> that was the first one that was listed there. that's my favorite. it said -- where did it go? >> stephanie: i ate my poop in front of party guests then i threw it up. >> stephanie: spectacular.
8:11 am
i was trying to avoid that one during breakfast or lunch. i think people are done. [ ♪ "world news tonight" ♪ ] >> stephanie: a fish has a penis on its head. a new fish has been discovered in vietnam. >> that's what agent orange will do. >> exactly. >> this seems like part of the war on women. the penis includes a rod and a jagged hook for grabbing the female during sex. >> stephanie: ow! >> that does not go over well. vietnam female fish like it rough apparently. >> stephanie: all right. >> you could call him the richard head and you would not be inaccurate. travis said that mandarin vodka was there when i got there. i don't brink beer. i took home the vodka with me. so there you go. >> stephanie: a likely story. all right. >> i do not always drink beer.
8:12 am
>> what are you doing with mandarin vodka in your house? >> stephanie: i don't drink hard liquor. somebody put it there. >> louis says steph the 23 million unemployed has been repeated since clint eastward said it and it is flat out wrong or in other words a lie. lie, lie lie. according to report from the u.s. department of labor bureau of statistics -- >> what would they know? >> 12.5 million is the number of unemployed. people at paul ryan, they say a lie and they lie lie lie. >> in janesville, where we were about to lose a major factory. >> stephanie: lie, lie lie lie. >> all to put the federal government in charge of healthcare. $760 billion of healthcare. >> lies, if you will. [ ♪ "world news tonight" ♪ ] >> stephanie: uh-oh. "new york times," did you see that piece? don't tell anyone but the stimulus works!
8:13 am
very important new book out called the new new deal. findings will come as a jolt to those think the law failed the tip can republican assessment or was too sloppy to have an effect. fun facts from "the new york times." the most basic level of the american recovery responsible for creating 2.5 million jobs. the majority of economists agree it helped the economy grow by 3.8% and kept the unemployment rate from reaching 12%. the stimulus is the reason most americans are better off than they were four years ago when the economy was in serious danger of shutting down. the stimulus did far more than stimulate. it protected the most vulnerable from the recessions of the $840 billion, $1.5 billion went to emergency subsidies. to help out 1.2 million people under roofs. it increased spending on food stamps keeping seven million americans from falling below the poverty line. republicans learned a lesson from the stimulus. unwavering opposition and ridicule actually works. especially when the opposition
8:14 am
doesn't put up a fight. the lesson for democrats seems equally clear. when it works let the world know about it. [ applause ] >> i'm not one to brag. well that's the problem. >> stephanie: strike that from your vocabulary. >> they were showing the graph on the stock market. it has been going up since 2008. >> stephanie: we're at 13,000. it was at 7 something when he took office. it is a bunch of -- [ ♪ "jeopardy" theme ♪ ] jim, who said if you can't vote for obama because he can't get stuff done, it is like this guy can't cure cancer, i'm going to vote for cancer. >> paul ryan. >> stephanie: chris rock. >> the chat room think they know where the bottle of vodka came from. >> stephanie: where? >> buy a pallet of boxed wine and get a free mandarin vodka. >> stephanie: i suspect jacki schechner. >> oh, really? >> where is that an ingredient?
8:15 am
>> stephanie: she brings that and key lime pies. 18 minutes after the hour. right back on "the stephanie miller show." >> it's fun. it's healthy. it's good exercise. the kids just love it! >> announcer: it's "the stephanie miller show."
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[ ♪ music ♪ ] >> this is a vintage arizona state university shirt. it's the only college mascot. >> stephanie: the won a stanley cup. >> yes, they did. >> stephanie: oh, good to know. >> the only college mascot to be ♪ >> stephanie: it is "the stephanie miller show." welcome to it. >> it wasn't iraq. >> stephanie: 1-800-steph-12. the phone until toll free.
8:19 am
mary from missouri, you're on "the stephanie miller show." >> caller: well, hello. >> stephanie: hi. >> caller: hold on. >> stephanie: bad time? i'll wait here. >> caller: okay. i'm sorry. i was on hold for a long time. i had to go pee. >> stephanie: thank you for that. go ahead mary. >> caller: too much? welcome back. i wanted to ask what is it with all of the trolls that have i guess nothing better to do than to call you? >> stephanie: i know right? >> caller: i have fox news blocked from my dvr thing. you can't even get that channel if you try to in my house. so i don't get why they waste their time if they don't agree -- if they disagree with everything you say they have their own agenda. do they think they might change my mind if they call in with one of their -- points?
8:20 am
>> stephanie: sometimes a few guys have gotten me by sitting on their remote and getting me by accident. they butt dial me essentially. that happens too. >> they end up being somewhat befuddled. >> stephanie: paul ryan. you know what? his foreign policy experience is what now? >> zip bucket. >> stephanie: voter disputes between wisconsin and illinois? >> amid all of the threats and dangers, what we do not see is steady consistent, american leadership. >> stephanie: uh, yeah, okay. somebody was saying he clearly had to have words put in his mouth by one of the neocons maureen dowd's column. he was paritying the neocon talking points. paul ryan. >> if we project weakness, they come. if we are strong, they are adversaries that will not test us -- our allies will respect us. >> stephanie: the world's going to be really, really getting in line once eddie
8:21 am
munster is in charge. >> he's not convincing once he talks about foreign policy. not in the least. >> if we just show him who's boss, nothing bad would happen. that's how it works. >> stephanie: the president's acting like such a goof. >> just don't apologize for america then they won't attack you. >> stephanie: here's what else we missed. he spoke at the values voters -- >> that thing. [ ♪ "world news tonight" ♪ ] >> stephanie: summit. they handed out fliers for attacking women for being immodest and told them to go home and put clothes on. modesty matters. they criticize women for dressing immodestly at church and blame them for men staring at them lustfully. >> how dare you force me -- >> stephanie: dressing like hoochie mamas at church. why? tony perkins. >> no! >> you've been a very bad boy. what are you doing in the
8:22 am
shower? don't worry. i think i know. >> the really scary tony perkins. >> stephanie: he also spoke. someone asked him if he would disown a child who was gay. he painted himself as a generous man and then he compared homosexuality to drug addiction. he said i would never disown my own children but i believe as a parent, we have the ability to protect them from a lot of unfortunate experiences. >> don't knock it until you try it. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: we can do our very best job as a parent and something may happen whether they end up in drugs or some other lifestyle. >> some other lifestyle. they check the other box. >> stephanie: there are children who will -- we don't necessarily condone what they do. if we really loved them, we would tell the truth of the choices they made to continue in what they're doing are destructive to them and to society as a whole. >> you should stop choosing to be left-handed. >> stephanie: that's destructive. >> when did you choose to have red hair?
8:23 am
>> some people do choose that. [ ♪ "world news tonight" ♪ ] >> stephanie: i bet you wrote this for the laimecheen -- malaysian -- they look for children to have homosexual symptoms. for the 8 point list, symptoms of gays include liking the to wear v-neck shirts and other tight-fitting light colored clothes. >> ahh. >> stephanie: that show off muscular bodies. a surefire sign of being gay attraction to men. >> wow. >> stephanie: that is informative. >> wow. >> sherlock holmes deduced that one. >> stephanie: homosexuals like to carry around big handbags similar to those used by women when hanging out. less by yoonians aren't as -- lesbians aren't as easy to spot as gays. >> they don't have much of a radar profile.
8:24 am
>> stephanie: the four symptoms -- lesbians are attracted to women. >> really? >> will distance themselveses from other women who are not their companions, enjoy the company of women and have no affection for men. so there you go, parents. there is your handy dandy guide. [ applause ] >> wow. thank you. v-neck t-shirts, handbags -- hey, maybe i'm straight. i'm not wearing a v-neck. i need to check it out. >> do you ever wear a v-neck? >> stephanie: yes, i have some. i'll all confused now. 29 minutes after the hour. right back on "the stephanie miller show."
8:25 am
(vo) jennifer granholm ... >>for every discouraged voter, there are ten angry ones taking action. trickle down does not work. in romney's world, cars get the elevator and the workers get the shaft. that is a whole bunch of bunk. the powerful may steal an election, but they can't steal democracy. an energizing fruit or relaxing mint flavor. new 5 rpm gum.
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stimulate your senses. jack you're a little boring. boring. boring. [ jack ] after lauren broke up with me, i went to the citi private pass page and decided to be...not boring. that's how i met marilyn... giada... really good. yes! [ jack ] ...and alicia. ♪ this girl is on fire ♪ [ male announcer ] use any citi card to get the benefits of private pass. more concerts, more events more experiences. [ jack ] hey, who's boring now? [ male announcer ] get more access with the citi card. [ crowd cheering, mouse clicks ]
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[ ♪ music ♪ ] >> announcer: stephanie miller. >> we were actually looking for a cheap miller but you're a sexy >> announcer: stephanie miller. [phone ringing] >> hello. just a minute. dick, are you in? >> i'm always in for dick. >> not what i hear. >> stephanie: who knows. it was a long vacation, i don't know what i've done. apparently i'm dating jodie foster. >> what happened on martha's vineyard. >> stephanie: who knows. 1-800-steph-12 the phone number toll free from anywhere. >> playing with bananas and jodie foster. >> stephanie: listen. twitter verse went crazy while i was gone.
8:30 am
all right. [ ♪ "world news tonight" ♪ ] looky here. maybe i was drunk. who knows. jim, this just in. red wine linked to female sluttiness. such a shock. to no one. >> she's a slut. look at her! >> stephanie: researchers concluded sexual levels were higher in women who were drinkers of wine rather than their counterparts who drank nothing at all. [ applause ] >> all righty then. >> it doesn't work when i drink red wine. it doesn't make the girls -- >> they have to have it. >> stephanie: that must have been your error. >> bill o'reilly apparently knew that. >> stephanie: the all better off drink as we all know. tequila. [ ding ding ] [ applause ] this just in from south carolina in the drum stack. georgetown county sheriff's deputies say a woman is in jail after leading them on a high-speed chase then drinking a bottle of tequila. she was driving 88 miles per
8:31 am
hour in a 45-mile-per-hour zone. >> that's generally considered to be illegal. she drove off. taking deputy on a chase before getting out of car drinking tequila. >> do you have feels of inadequacy. do you suffer from shyness. do you sometimes wish you were more assertive? if you answered yes to any of these questions ask your doctor or pharmacist about tequila. tequila is the safe, natural way to feel better and more confident about yourself and your actions. tequila can help you ease you out of your shyness and tell the world you're ready and willing to do just about anything. you'll notice the benefits of tequila almost immediately and with a regimen of regular doses you can overcome any obstacles that prevent from you living the life you want to live. shyness and awkwardness will be a thing of the past and you will discover many talents you never knew you had. stop hiding and start living with tequila. tequila may not be right for everyone women who are pregnant or nursing, should not use
8:32 am
tequila. side effects may include nausea, loss of motor control loss of clothing, loss of money loss of virginity, table dancing headache dehydration, dry mouth and playing naked twister. it may think you whispering when you're not is a major factor in dancing like a retard. may cause you to tell your friends you're in love with them. it may cause you to believe that ex-lovers are dying for you to telephone them at 4:00 in the morning. you can converse with members of the opposite members of the sex without spitting. it may make you think you're better looking than most people and people are laughing with you. alcohol may cause pregnancy and may be a major factor in getting. >>yss kicked. what are you waiting for? stop hiding and start living with tequila. >> stephanie: we haven't played that for awhile. that story calls for a disclaimer. [ applause ] bobby in virginia. you're on "the stephanie miller show." hi bobby. >> caller: hi.
8:33 am
how are you? >> stephanie: good. go ahead. >> caller: i want you to know i'm probably the only 74-year-old granny virgin you know. your gentleman earlier was a virgin to the call and this is my first one. >> stephanie: call. >> biffs ready to say it is hard to be a grandmother and a virgin. >> what i want to do is i want to get you to start a movement. since i'm not very good with computers or phones or anything else -- >> stephanie: me neither. >> caller: you have a voice though. >> stephanie: okay, all right. what's my mission? >> caller: your mission is to get everyone texting and a movement to have the moderators on these -- and reporters -- if
8:34 am
a person doesn't answer a question directly, it would be great if you could just get them to either answer directly or cut their mics, mute them and go to another question or another -- and i would love to see this with the delegates when they're in the debates. >> stephanie: i'm sure i'm on the short list to moderate the debates. >> absolutely. >> stephanie: yeah, how about that -- david gregory yesterday. he kept trying to get netanyahu to criticize the obama administration and he wouldn't take the bait but it was just like -- it is like he's reading romney campaign talking points. here is netanyahu yesterday. >> they're six months away from being about 90% -- for an atom bomb. you have to place that line before them now. before it's too late. >> stephanie: he kept trying to say -- he asked him several times, does the obama
8:35 am
administration throw israel under the bus? >> stephanie: okay. >> good family man. [ ♪ "world news tonight" ♪ ] >> stephanie: when they get to economics, the debate, let's hope someone brings this up. parties have pushed plans to cut taxes on the wealthier americans and hope such a move would aide the recovery from the great recession. a new study indicates tax cuts fail to generate economic growth at the same pace as tax cuts aimed at low and middle income earners. maybe someone will point out we tried trickle down. study provides more empirical backing to what the u.s. has experienced. supply side tax cutting policies have not led to the growth promised. the bush tax cuts were followed by the weakest decade for economic expansion on record. mitt romney proposed a tax cut that is four times larger than the bush tax cuts. there's some interesting information. oh and we did the debt graph. ronald reagan responsible for the highest portion of debt we've ever had! barack obama the lowest since
8:36 am
reagan. >> hmm. >> stephanie: just gpk. you know who i missed while we were gone? billy in texas. ♪ billy's hangin' around ♪ ♪ in that texas town ♪ ♪ with a phone call from the range ♪ ♪ you know what i'm talking about ♪ ♪ just let him go ♪ ♪ if you wanna know ♪ ♪ how his talking points are strange ♪ >> how does he come up with this stuff? good morning billy. miss you. love you. >> caller: good morning. every time you start talking about the republicans, i have to laugh. >> stephanie: really? >> caller: oh, yeah because what you all are doing you all are projecting -- you -- >> stephanie: are you a psychologist? >> caller: no, i'm not a psychologist.
8:37 am
you know that. >> stephanie: nonpartisan fact checkers have said romney is lying. >> caller: that's ridiculous. >> nonpartisan fact checkers are ridiculous. >> caller: blatant lie. you turn around say well, both sides do it. what about harry reid lying on the floor of the senate. >> about what? when did he do that? >> caller: about romney not paying his taxes. >> how do you know it was a lie? prove that it's a lie. >> stephanie: we had this conversation right before the vacation. >> we did. >> he thinks we forgot. >> stephanie: i got a right-winger, bill clinton got slaughtered by the fact checkers. >> paul ryan got slaughtered by the fact checkers. >> stephanie: he was right about jobs created. there are certain things you can't lie about without getting slaughtered. paul ryan, mitt romney got slaughtered because it is their party. that's all i'm sayin'. ♪ it's my party and i'll lie if i want to, lie if i want to ♪
8:38 am
♪ you would lie to if you hadn't a clue ♪ ♪ nobody knows where my status has gone ♪ ♪ it's my party and i'll lie if i want to ♪ ♪ lie if i want to ♪ ♪ lie if i want to ♪ ♪ you would lie to if you hadn't a clue ♪ >> stephanie: thank you rocky mountain mike! [ applause ] >> and audra. >> stephanie: oh, and audra. >> and mary. >> stephanie: and mary. >> they did vocals. >> mike didn't do vocals. >> stephanie: no. mike, because once i get a movie reference, i just can't let it
8:39 am
go. he says steph remembering the obama -- addressing the republican congressional caucus, what a moment considering where the g.o.p. is heading right now. president obama cautioned them about the rhetorical road they were taking and the pit falls and ramifications would be. he warned them two years ago face-to-face. remember that? he suggested the g.o.p. not paint themselves into a corner suggested they leave themselves room to remove it but in the end their ego kept them from listening. now they are where they are as quoted in one of your prior steph casts. now us can't leave -- now yous can't leave. >> very good. >> stephanie: 44 minutes after the hour. right back with the remaining moments of "the stephanie miller show." >> announcer: it's like a mensa meeting with fart jokes. it's "the stephanie miller show." ♪ you had it in you ♪ to pick someone who ♪ made you look that sane ♪ it seems that bobby jean
8:40 am
>>i jump out of my skin at people when i'm upset. do you share the sense of outrage that they're doing this, this corruption based on corruption based on corruption. >>i think that's an understatement, eliot. u>> i'm not prone tot. understatement, so explain to me why that is. i think the mob learned from wall st., not vice versa. ♪ lord, you got no reason ♪ ♪ you got no right ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ i find myself at the wrong place ♪ [ male announcer ] the ram 1500 express. ♪ ♪ it says a lot about you. ♪ ♪ in a deep, hemi-rumble sort of way. guts. glory. ram.
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what the current audience can expect from my show is the unexpected. the system, now it's your turn. >>it's a little bit of magic. >>connect with "talking liberally with stephanie miller" at and on twitter at smshow. [ ♪ music ♪ ]
8:44 am
>> announcer: stephanie miller ♪ i need you tonight ♪ ♪ because i'm not sleeping ♪ ♪ there's something about you girl ♪ >> stephanie miller ♪ ♪ that makes me sweat ♪ >> makes me wanna -- >> ear otically asphyxiate -- >> no, too soon! >> stephanie: jim louise. >> we don't talk about that. shh, quiet! >> stephanie: 49 minutes after the hour. 1-800-steph-12 the phone number toll free from anywhere. chris and val write so excited. wife and i e-mailed we have our sexy liberal v.i.p. tickets for new york city. >> sweet. >> stephanie: 11th year anniversary coming up from asheville. got awesome cheap round trip
8:45 am
tickets. pre-election extravaganza. can't wait to hear about rowland's deal making. trying to decide what sexy liberal outfits to wear. my wife is looking for a sexy pashmina. [ buzzer ] enough with the pashmina jokes already. ♪ what up, mama ♪ ♪ the pashmina thing ♪ ♪ just won't die ♪ ♪ steffey wears them well and everyone can tell ♪ ♪ you got it going on ♪ ♪ that's why i'm writing this song ♪ ♪ because even though others say it's wrong ♪ ♪ stand up when mama call this song ♪ ♪ stand up tall and strong ♪ ♪ get mama another pashmina, mina mina ♪ ♪ another pashmina, mina, mina ♪ ♪ long live the pashmina, mina,
8:46 am
mina ♪ ♪ mama loves her pashmina, mina, mina ♪ ♪ y'all gotta understand fashion ♪ ♪ nobody can put on the pashmina like steph ♪ >> stephanie: got fashion yo. this guy said uggs are -- >> i wear my uggs every day to spinning class. >> that man wears a dress to the office every day. have you seen pictures of him? [ ♪ "world news tonight" ♪ ] he said when i discovered uggs, it was a revelation. i love uggs. they can be chic heels for a woman. it is a shoe with a sense of comfort. uggs for me with are a moment of you on a utilitarian comfort that keeps you anchored in too's world. >> he's a big fat man who wears a dress to the office. >> stephanie: don't judge! >> well! >> don't you sweat in your uggs? >> stephanie: no.
8:47 am
>> those things must smell like -- your lunch. >> stephanie: not as bad as my lunches. all right. [ ♪ "world news tonight" ♪ ] could the royals keep their clothes on for god's sake? >> now we know that kate middleton has breasts. thank you very much french media. >> i go the ta find that. >> stephanie: the queen is not amused. >> they're not amused by her breasts. >> stephanie: they're filing a lawsuit against the french publication that showed a topless -- they were vacationing. all right. kristen stewart -- [ ♪ "world news tonight" ♪ ] kristen stewart has no problems going topless. she's doing a film adaptation on the road -- >> she's kind of topless anyway. >> stephanie: oh, all right. this is an unfortunate quote from celebrity stack. she said it didn't bother me. you can no-no wrong with
8:48 am
director robert sayles. he puts so much inside of you. [ buzzer ] >> what! >> she tends to sleep with directors. >> stephanie: oh dear. that was an unfortunate quote on so many levels. >> yikes! >> stephanie: okay. >> she got the job apparently. >> stephanie: you're going to have -- we're going to have pictures up from my vacation on facebook later today. [ ♪ "world news tonight" ♪ ] stephanie miller show and sexy sexy liberal. >> roland's and my bike trip. and our day at the kennedy compound. ethel kennedy kicking our ass at banana grams. no wonder all of the kids are successful. you don't use the short words around ethel kennedy is what i learned. hilarious weekend. all right. oh, speaking of facebook, you know what -- [ ♪ "world news tonight" ♪ ] source of all evil as you know. woman discovers bigamist husband's second wife under facebook's people you may know.
8:49 am
>> oh, no! >> facebook is evil. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: woman in washington was shocked to discover a photo of her husband and second wife all dressed up and standing next to a wedding cake. [ wah wah ] >> it was their wedding cake? >> stephanie: it is hard to say it's not what you think. okay. it is. >> oh. >> stephanie: all right. one more. we have to catch up. we've been on vacation. beaver. headline is rabid beaver attacks children. >> oh! please take out the children. >> a rat beaver jumped out of a pond and chased children at a nature center. no one was injured. >> that's a little too much nature. >> stephanie: the beaver leapt out of the water and on to the dock and was seen acting aggressively. >> sounds like one of the filmmaker made before he got in trouble with the -- >> the anti-muslim -- [ buzzer ] >> that guy.
8:50 am
>> stephanie: no one likes an aggressively acting beaver. no one likes that. >> some people do. >> don't knock it until you tried it. >> that's what i always say. >> stephanie: dave from chicago. yes, hi. >> caller: hello, stephanie and comedians. nobody talks about this. you know the republicans have been using the defense budget as a stimulus package since reagan. >> stephanie: right. >> caller: nobody wants to talk about it. >> stephanie: because then they would have to admit the government -- >> romney wants to use it. bush really bumped it up. as a matter of fact, i think when during his time, the two worst down to about 5.6%, there was so much money around that i think the combination between all of the that money and the regulation cost the housing -- caused the housing bubble. and now romney wants to use the same thing by increasing the defense budget, i forget what the percentage was.
8:51 am
stimulus package. nobody wants to talk about it. we need to bring this up. >> stephanie: yes well, we just did. mary in san antonio. you're on "the stephanie miller show." hi mar. >> caller: hi, stephanie, good morning. thank you for taking my call. i want you guys to notice something next time you see mitt romney speech. notice his beady eyes because he reminds me of a possum that my grandparents caught in their chicken coop that was stealing their chicken. compare his eyes with those of the possums. every time he has those shifty, blinking eyes. he's not telling the truth. you know. >> i love you mary. >> stephanie: i love mary. that was a delightful story. >> i didn't eat the chickens, he said, picking the bones from his teeth. >> stephanie: beady-eyed possum. let's go to boston in baltimore. >> caller: i love you and your
8:52 am
show. >> stephanie: thank you. >> caller: you know, those jobs we've lost, don't blame it on obama. those jobs aren't coming back. for 30 or 40 years following the second world war, we had the only major industry intact, christ the only country still intact. the rest of the world is depending.on us to furnish with them with all kinds of goods we won't be doing anymore because they've built our own industries up and they have the good sense to buy from their own industry. buy american. i say buy american and let's start some new industries. let's start some new jobs. don't blame it on obama. >> stephanie: i'm all about the buy in the u.s.a. >> that's why you own a lexus. >> stephanie: excuse me? >> you created a need for fart jokes on the radio. [farting] >> stephanie: thank you. >> mission accomplished. >> stephanie: matt in tennessee. you're on "the stephanie miller show." welcome, matt. >> caller: yes, hi, thank you for taking my call.
8:53 am
first of all it is such a breath of fresh air to be able to talk to you because i normally call a bunch of conservative talk radio shows living in tennessee. let me first of all say i'm a progressive so let me finish before attacking the -- >> stephanie: of you -- uh-oh. republicans in the tea party are not lying about favoring small government but that didn't work. our country was founded under the articles of confederation and the lack of power to the central government inside a rebellion, the state of vermont was almost a part of canada. daniel boone accepted spanish gold to try to get the tennessee territory. >> stephanie: daniel boone was a man. that's all i know. okay. sorry we ran out of time on that one. we'll see you tomorrow on "the stephanie miller show."
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